We help our clients to succeed

We help our clients to succeed in different areas of business. We provide training, consulting and market survey services mainly to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our consultants based in Finland are the backbone of our operations, and we serve clients across the country. We can easily find a suitable specialist for each project, regardless of the client’s location. We organise training in areas such as management, financial and supervisory operations, sales and company-specific development of various business operations.

Our client companies’ interest in expanding their operations outside of Finland inspired us to enter the international market. Even smaller SMEs can do this in a profitable manner; for many of them, it is even a prerequisite for existence.

We operate altogether in 19 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, France, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

We also have experience in the markets in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia. Central Asia is an interesting area. In addition to Kazakhstan, we have previous experience in Azerbaijan. Our multilingual consultants come with a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise.