Auto-Kirmola Oy

”Our cooperation with Seppo´s Office started in 2005, when we attended the Managing Director´s Course. The latest consulting was related to the company transfer started in our company.

I had already managed to make a decision to sell the company and consulting started by company valuation. During the procedure an idea about company transfer was born, although that was not the original purpose. Now we have three owners in the company instead of one.

Consulting helped us to complete the first stage of the three-stage change process and prepare and write down the next two stages of the process. The biggest challenge in the actual acquisition was reasonable to both parties pricing and financing of the acquisition, and yet pricing and financing was surprisingly easy.

Company transfer reduced my own work load and responsibilities. At the same we got modern modes of operation in the company and new clients. In this connection we had an excellent opportunity to move these new lessons learnt further on, not to continue those earlier obsessive ways. As a whole it took half a year.

Over the years we have gained incalculable number of lessons learnt and practices. Some of them have stayed in use, some were left a little forgotten. However, they come back into mind from time to time, and then we get a grip of ourselves again.

I have cooperated with Hoffrén for a long time and especially Markku has become a close cooperation partner. I firmly believe in their know-how. The ”Ruutanaperä” approach of Seppo´s Office is suitable for me.”


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Auto-Kirmola Oy
Jouni Nevala
Chairman of the board