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We made a strategic commitment to enter the European markets and to evaluate business opportunities for our robotic pill medication dispensing device for elderly care. We had specific markets in mind but we were unsure as to which market(s) would offer the greatest potential at this stage. Thus, with the assistance of Seppo Hoffren overseas Consultants, we decided to embark on an Explorer subsidized export development programme and to focus on 4 market areas of interest:- namely Germany, France, Spain and the UK.

The first task within the Explorer Project was for each consultant to make some initial evaluations in all 4 market areas based on information of interest to us. This concluded in determining which market(s) to proceed with. We decided to concentrate further on the Spanish market with the assistance of our consultant, Isabel Wilkins. She was very dedicated and made strong approaches and efforts in introducing our product to the relevant decision makers primarily within the Spanish public healthcare system and we were very impressed with the results of this process and the interest generated.

We were also eager to find a suitable distributor partner and Isabel was very pro-active in making this happen, to our utmost satisfaction. Isabel arranged face to face meetings in the Basque & Catalonia regions of Spain with interested parties this February (just before the Covid-19 outbreak!) and we both attended these meetings. We had very satisfactory meetings and we are now continuing what has been initiated in Spain, with much gratitude and appreciation to Isabel.

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