MP-Maustepalvelut Oy

”I had previously attended the Managing Director´s Course created by Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy. Then, when I saw an ad on interesting consulting services available, I decided to take a chance. Also ELY centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment) was suitably involved in it.

For us the biggest benefit in Seppo Hoffrén consultancy services was commencing with digital strategy work. Our work was made easier as there were no changes to specific aspects once agreed.

Mapping was the basis for everything. During the first half year period we had several consulting sessions where we discussed together for example the need to change marketing communication and website, and also social media patterns.

We found that most of all we needed information on digitalization opportunities. As a result of consulting we got tools to continue development work of digital strategy and also to control the direction of our operation. We managed to choose the right persons to implement reforms.”


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MP-Maustepalvelut Oy
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