Finland is our home country and at the same time it is one of the countries in which we can help companies from other countries to find new customers or partners. Due to our track record as a nationwide provider of consulting and training services in Finland, the chances are that we already know a lot about your target group.

After a year of significant expansion, Finnish economic growth is expected to slow down to 2.4% in 2018, according to Economic survey provided by Ministry of Finance (12/2017). In the next few years, the economy will be supported by foreign trade and domestic demand. Supported by higher employment, private consumption will continue to grow and companies have made substantial investments in production capacity. It is important to keep in mind that there are a large number of companies in Finland that are doing very well indeed. For example, Nokia’s massive reorganisation released a large amount of talent that found its way to newly established or existing companies. A new start-up culture has emerged and some of these new companies have already reached global markets. As before, the Finnish economy is dependent on foreign trade and Finnish companies need partnerships with companies in other countries. We offer our services in Finland with a healthy optimism.

Your target group will, of course, vary depending on whether you are looking for customers or suppliers. There are many sectors in which Finland has reached world-class standards.  In addition to the traditional wood, paper and metal products they include technology industry, software and games development, industrial design, and many others.

Finnish consumers are open to new ideas, meaning that Finland is a good choice for test marketing. Some foreign companies manage their activities in Russia from Finland because Finland provides more stable base. And remember that Swedish is Finland’s second official language so that you can easily set up your Nordic office here, too. English is the most important foreign language in Finnish schools and the most common foreign language in business.

Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy can help you develop your business contacts in Finland. We can give you background information, identify and contact companies in your target group and advise you on local requirements and expectations. We work in the whole country and we can use consultants with different areas of expertise flexibly in the same assignment if required.