Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy has assisted Finnish exporters in France for 20 years. As Finland’s export destination France traditionally keeps its 10th place. In 2016, export of Finnish goods to France grew 6% while import 8%.  The most popular products included paper, cardboard and related products – almost half of all exports, non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, also power generators, engines and timber.    We know that competition in France can be fierce, but we have seen that French companies respond quickly if the new product or service offers unique features and advantages.

France has several industrial clusters that are always looking for innovative solutions:  automotive, agrifood, nuclear, luxury products, cancer research, nutrition & health, plastics, aeronautics & aerospace and cosmetics.  Even outside of these industries there are good opportunities.  It is important to conduct a proper market survey to get a good understanding of the potential, prerequisites and costs.

Working in France means that you need to be prepared.  In most cases you will need sales literature in French, a credible marketing and sales plan, budgeted resources and information about the market and the culture.  We can help you with all of them! Deals can be easy if your target company is ready to buy and you have the right solution available.  In many cases you will need to work much harder to convince the prospective buyer.  Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy can help you along the way to develop an effective approach to meet local expectations and requirements.

Oksana Dugert

Business Consultant
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