Kazakhstan, located at the heart of Eurasia, is the ninth largest country in the world, with abundant natural resources and fertile agricultural land.  As an oil-producing country Kazakhstan has seen its oil revenue decline, but there are signs that growth is slowly picking up with GDP growth in 2017 of 2.5%. There are several large infrastructure projects that inject optimism into the future.

Mining and metallurgy are the most competitive and dynamic industries. Kazakhstan has enough copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, manganese and chrome and so-called rare metals to last for at least the next 50 years.  As a result, there is demand for different types of machinery and equipment. It is not surprising that mining accounts for a third of the country’s exports.

Food and agriculture have a lot of potential, too.  As much as 82% of Kazakhstan’s land area is rural or agricultural land. Hot summers and cold winters ensure diversity in agricultural production.

Kazakhstan has a relatively young population and education is a high priority.  English is widely spoken. The government gives financial support to local companies, especially in the technology sector, to improve their competitiveness, and the companies in turn look for foreign partners to develop their operations and sales. This opens up business opportunities for cooperation in different areas.

Kazakhstan is a member of Euro-Asian Economic Union. It means that the production certificate obtained for one of those countries is valid for all them.

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