Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic States – and the largest and most populous of them.  It has a population of 3 million inhabitants.  Lithuania is located on the very crossroads of 3 huge markets.  It is a springboard to the European EU markets and Scandinavian countries to the West, whilst Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to the East are just on the other side.  Lithuania is also located in the heart of Europe literally speaking – the geographical centre point of Europe is situated near the capital city Vilnius.

Lithuania welcomes foreign investors and businesses not only thanks to a favourable business climate but also due to special ready-for-business locations like Free Economic Zones and Science, Studies and Business Centres with attractive tax incentives.  With a global leading ICT infrastructure and an impressive list of significant European and global brands, Lithuania is becoming the Northern Europe hub of IT services, integrated science, technology, research, logistics and business development centres.

Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy has had a local consultant operating in the Baltics since 1994. The consultant has helped a large number of foreign companies to find clients, distributors, subcontractors and sales leads. In addition, the consultant has also organised seminars and assisted companies in connection with trade shows.

Mikk Mehide

Business Consultant
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