With over 38 million people, Poland is the largest market among the former Eastern European countries in the EU. Polish economy remains stable and strong, its GDP grew 4% in 2017 and continue growing supported by good market conditions, healthy labor market and high concentration of the EU funds available. Since it joined the EU in 2004, Poland has been the largest recipient of EU funding.

There are more than 200 Finnish companies registered in Poland with total turnover about 4 billion euro. Finnish firms traditionally used to focus on paper, wood products and industrial services in Poland. Now they also see opportunities in IT, cleantech and renewable energy. Other important sectors include aviation, cosmetics, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, engineering, green construction, machinery, plastic products and waste management. Excellent quality of human capital and relatively low labour and production costs combined with the size of the market and its strategic location in Central Europe have made Poland attractive for outsourcing.

While the number of English speakers in Poland is growing, the importance of local knowledge cannot be overstated. Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy can help you get faster responses and conduct more productive negotiations with your Polish customers or partners. We have completed a number of successful projects in Poland, e.g. in food processing, machine building, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. At the moment Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy manages Polish projects from Ukraine.

Oksana Dugert

Business Consultant
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