Spain is a parliamentary monarchy rich in political, social and cultural influences.  Spain consists of 17 autonomous regions with a total of 46.6 million inhabitants.  Close ties linking Spain with Latin America and the vicinity of North Africa make Spain also a gateway to those regions.  Services is the main contributor to the Spanish economy followed by manufacturing.  Spain is a major global producer of wind power, second only to Germany.

Spain is much more than a global tourist destination.  It is a dynamic business market providing infinite opportunities for SMEs wishing to develop business there.  The Spanish are curious, open-minded and willing to listen and collaborate with overseas suppliers, including Finnish.  Besides opportunities across the board within defined industry/service sectors, the Spanish are particularly receptive to anything related to advanced technologies and innovation.

The motivation of doing business in Spain by Finnish SME companies is sometimes enhanced by the likeability of the culture.  Finns have a strong affinity towards Spain as a tourist destination and this cultural X factor is, at times, more than sufficient a reason for Finnish SMEs willingness to conduct business there.

Even though Spain as an export market area maybe less of a familiar or natural market to strategically think of “upfront” if compared to the more “in the comfort zone” market areas (such as the Nordics and even Germany), Finnish SME companies do think “out of the box” and view markets such as Spain as an attractive proposition particularly when localized consultants know-how, language and expertise are able to pave the way to “opening doors” and thus to make business a reality.

The Consultant in Spain has been very active in assisting Finnish SME companies develop business opportunities across defined industries (including both manufacturing and service related sectors).  Having started from her operational base in Spain in 2004, the Consultant has proven over the years that the Spanish market is indeed a lucrative and viable market to consider.

Isabel Wilkins

Business Consultant
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