Ukraine is a large market with more than 40 million consumers. Finnish goods have enjoyed a reputation for high quality since the Soviet times and the capital Kyiv is only a two-hour flight away from the Finnish capital. Finnish exports to Ukraine consist mostly of machinery, transportation equipment, wooden houses and more recently of telecommunications products. But there is plenty of scope to achieve more. Ukraine is dependent on external suppliers for hi-tech products used in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics and services. After the Russian annexation of the Crimea and military intervention into the separatist controlled parts of eastern Ukraine, many Russian companies have been forced to withdraw from Ukraine, creating new opportunities for companies from other countries. And the exposed risks to the Donbas coal mines are putting pressure on the government to develop renewable energy sources. Ukraine has huge potential in wind energy and biomass production.

Bilateral trade between Ukraine and the European Union grew by 29% after the entry into force of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (1st January 2016). The government of   Ukraine has made important steps in tackling corruption and easing business climate. To acknowledge these achievements Ukrainians were granted visa-free travel to the EU from June 2017. Ukraine offers valuable opportunities, but at the same time it is a challenging market for foreign SME companies. Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy’s local consultant has the knowledge and experience to help you along the way. We can identify opportunities for you, find the right people to talk to and advise you on the preparation of effective materials and presentations. With the right help, it may actually be easier than you think.

Oksana Dugert

Business Consultant
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