To assist in establishing a presence in a localized market area

Target group: Companies having internationalization plans and are interested in entering a local market

Objective: To help companies enter localized markets

Contents: Service can include the following actions (according to company´s needs)

  • Identify company needs (interest in setting up a presence in local market areas (half a day, skype meeting)
  • Provide advice & recommendation on what is needed to set up a presence in local market areas (to include information on key procedures & processes, lists of relevant contacts and provide report to client (4.5 days)

Target areas: This service can be offered to following countries:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic countries, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Duration: Expert service of 5 days (7 h/day).

Price: 5 775 € + vat 24 % /country. Travelling costs are not included.

Sinikka Karjalainen
Marketing manager
0207 211 421