International Fairs

Target group:  Companies that wish to attend a selected international fair related to their industry, having already chosen their target group in a specific country. The company will have some basic knowledge of the target market area, having already selected the fair to attend.

Objective: The purpose of attending such a fair would be to market products/services and build awareness within the target group, find cooperation partners and open new sales channels. Research would be conducted prior to the fair to identify and contact key potential cooperation partners, and identify competitors already established in the market.

Contents: The following options are available within the project, which will be selected according to the specific individual needs of each client, and formulated into a 5-day action plan:

  • Identify key companies and contacts that might be interested in cooperation/business opportunities with the client.
  • Assist in the creation of any new marketing materials.
  • Review language of marketing materials for the fair, including website, brochures and business cards.
  • Make contact with selected key companies to inform them about the client and its products/services, to try to arouse interest and try to arrange meetings at the fair, aiming to assist the client’s sales process.
  • Identify key competitors established in the market, especially those that will be attending/exhibiting and provide an overview of their business.
  • Advise on appropriate ice breakers, cultural pointers, and key questions to expect from meetings/visitors to the stand.
  • Provide any required distance supervision and assistance with communication just before and during the fair.
  • Provide post-fair follow up service with the main leads generated, to try to arrange further meetings and sales, as appropriate.

Optional Extras: Not included in the main 5-day project, but can be added at additional cost:

  • The consultant can attend the fair and assist as required on the stand, talking to potential partners, and assisting with translation/sales work (consultant fee per day + travel and accommodation expenses).
  • Organise any desired separate evening cultural/entertainment programmes.
  • Arrange visits to local companies in relation to the fair.
  • (These will be individually costed according to the specific details of each project).

Target areas: International Fairs service can be offered to following countries:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic countries, Germany, France, Great-Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Duration: Expert service of 5 days (7 h/day).  + Optional extras

Price: 5 000 € + vat 24 % /country + optional extras. Travelling costs are not included.

Sinikka Karjalainen
Marketing manager
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