Country market feasibility test studies

Target group

Companies, that have 2 target countries in mind but don´t have enough information to decide which country would be better for their products.


To help companies to decide on which market areas to eventually select and which could present greatest opportunities in order to provide better focus/direction on export strategies.


Service can include the following actions (according to company´s needs)

– Country market area feasibility studies:- content to be dependent
on client requirements but would include overview of current
market conditions.
– Company can choose two countries, and will get information about
the markets in both countries, so that the decision could be easier

Target areas

Test studies can be offered to following countries:
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic countries, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia


Expert service of 5 days (7 h/day).



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