Why the selling is not working?

Target group: Companies who want to get objective information about the reasons why their selling is not going well enough in a localized market area

Objective: To help companies understand why companies could be underperforming in localized markets

Contents: Service can include the following actions
(according to company´s needs)

  • Skype meeting to identify client needs (0.5/half day)
  • Assess and evaluate competitor strategies (are competitors winning business instead of Finnish client)
  • Telephone interview/contacting existing customers and obtain an independent assessment (to identify why companies could be losing business, areas which could be improved in order to win business), produce report to client (4.5 days)

Duration:  Expert service of 5 days (7 h/day).

Price: 5 000 € + vat 24 %. Travelling costs are not included.

Sinikka Karjalainen, Marketing manager
040 7222 817